Barbara Wichman holds a long-standing reputation for accelerating positive change in organizations and developing successful executives.

Barbara’s expertise lies in evolving cultures to accelerate goal achievement, develop leaders for current organizational needs, and, more importantly, for its future. Her organization savvy is solidified with her expertise in change management and collaborative relationship style, so strategies, purpose, and vision are realized.

She provides intensive competency and capability development for high-potential senior leaders and foundational intensives for emerging leaders. She is a trusted leadership coach and confidante.

Barbara is an exceptional organization and leadership effectiveness consultant, speaker, author of the Leadership Tinderbox book series, and co-author of a daily journal for leaders. She is a speaker, a trusted confidante, and driven to create success for her clients.

“I am sure you've thrown many a starfish back into the sea making a real difference for each one. We absolutely remember who took the time to pick us up. Keep it up... the starfish need you."


Interviewing hundreds of leaders from multiple industries and disciplines from around the world.

The Leadership Tinderbox

Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success

A collection of true stories and laser focus points on what makes leaders successful – as seen from the human resources lens. The human resources leader sees and hears more than just about anyone in an organization. Hiring? Rest assured, HR is involved in the development of the job description, selection, and onboarding. Leaders have problems; they reach out to HR. Leaders need coaching. HR is coaching them. Employees have issues with leaders, fellow employees, or the culture – HR is engaged. Promotions, developmental moves, performance improvement, investigations, terminations; HR is in the middle of it all. Those experiences bring incredible insight and lessons to those who want to be leaders, are new to leadership, and anyone who is currently in a leadership position. Barbara takes their enlightened view of leadership and shares it with you.
You will find ten principles of leadership that emerged from the collective interviews. Barbara brilliantly shares the principles, the stories to explore the impact of each principle, and the behaviors leaders need to consider becoming those that others want to follow.

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“This is an extremely well written book and you can learn so much about your leadership skills, abilities, and where you may need improvement. I highly recommend it!”
“Whether you’re running a successful business, a stay at home mom, or just out of college, it’s never too late or too early to develop a leadership mindset. Besides aiding in reaching your goals, becoming an intentional leader also helps the people in your life, employees, spouse, children, friends learn to be good leaders by mirroring your example. Barbara Winchman’s book, The Leadership Tinderbox: Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success, will not only guide you but will also spark the leader in you! Barb's amazing storytelling style is an engaging and compelling narrative weaving both personal stories and those from successful leaders from all walks of life. From beginning to end, you will be entertained, inspired and may even shed a tear or two for leaders who got it wrong and the lives that were impacted by their actions.”
- Paula
“Learn the three "C"'s to ignite your leadership abilities. Barbara Wichman draws from her experience in HR and shares what leaders need to know to create thriving teams. I love how stories are weaved throughout the book to drive home points. I especially love the lesson that Barbara's first leader shared: "Don't ever let anyone else's behavior cause you to make a decision that you will regret later." That is gold!”
– Karen Putz

The Leadership Tinderbox

Insights Into the Brilliant Women STEM

Have you heard of Hypatia of Alexandria? She is the first woman to be identified in history as a mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher in AD300-400. She was a great thinker and teacher in the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria, Egypt. It was not until centuries later that history, once again, began sharing the stories of the women in science and mathematics.
Today there are many women in STEM, but the numbers are still way too low. With large numbers of STEM jobs going unfulfilled each year, there is simply not enough talent with specialized skills to fill these available positions.
The Leadership Tinderbox – Insights into the Brilliant Women in STEM, is a collection of insider secrets of women who have decided to fulfill their dreams with careers in science, technology engineering, and mathematics. Their stories are nothing less than inspiring.

“An insightful look into the brilliant women of STEM. You will be inspired to succeed, and you will want to give this book to every woman and girl you know!”

Sarah Victory International Speaker and Best-Selling Author 

Click here to receive one chapter of The Leadership Tinderbox: Coaching to Kindle the Passion of Success.

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Looking to learn more from Barbara’s inspiring books?

Watch for The Secrets of Legendary Leadership. Coming Soon!

The Secrets of Legendary Leaders.

Want to know one crucial secret about being a legendary leader?

You don’t need your bronze statue in the park to be recognized, respected, and appreciated as a legendary leader. You do, however, need to be someone who has impacted someone’s life in such a way that they look at you as their knight in shining armor because you helped them solve a problem, regain their confidence, or open the dark skies to their sun again.

Watch for The Secrets of Legendary Leadership.

The Leadership Tinderbox – The Spark Series.

The Spark series offers impactful content on a variety of topics. Perfect for use with teams, workshops, and personal development. The wealth of information within each book will contribute to your professional and personal success and inspire you to live with more control and influence in your own life.

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