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Barbara is an award-winning international speaker, celebrated author, and acclaimed leadership coach. She brings her expertise from developing senior leaders and key talent in Fortune 50 companies such as Sears, Motorola, and Sara Lee. Barbara spent over two decades of coaching and leading global enterprise leaders to achieve new levels of success, destroying old boundaries and developing compelling visions for their future.
Barbara has spoken to over a thousand notable audiences in the US, Europe, and South America. She is the author of the Leadership Tinderbox- Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success, The Leadership Tinderbox: Insights into the Brilliant Women of STEM, and her forthcoming book, The Secrets of Legendary Leadership.
Barbara changes lives — coaching leaders to reach their personal and professional goals, consulting with organizations to create cultures that win in the eyes of the workforce and aligns with strategic goals.


“The HAND is a thing and not just for the Game of Thrones followers. Barb has been the silent force in my development. I have been pushed and pulled in a process that first examined, and tested, my mindset and true feelings about where I currently am and identifying steps to my future success. Barb, your presence and work are way more than I imagined.”

-Roy Brown

Barbara is an amazing coach. She will push you out of your comfort zone and help you discover strengths you were unaware of. Her professionalism, intelligence, and exceptional ability to guide any person to success is the reason I highly recommend her!

-Jodi B

Barbara’s passion and genuine love for people is evident in her ability to transform each of us into the best versions of ourselves.

-Kimberly D

STAGNATION. Evolution’s Silent Killer.

Leaders face a changing landscape that never stops throwing down new challenges. Leaders must lead today, assess the disruptive view of tomorrow while tempering the irrelevant lessons of yesterday that leadership teams hold as sacred.

Barbara is leading leaders into the future.

Barbara is a leader of leaders.

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