"You know how organizations are dealing with infighting, silos, destructive competition, low productivity, high turnover - stuff that is costing them a fortune? That is my focus."


The Leadership Tinderbox - Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success



New leaders will marvel at the clarity in the messaging and examples from real-life experiences. Human Resource professionals will smile and laugh and say "Oh that's so true." Great leaders will learn something new because that is what great leaders do - the are continuous learners. The servant leaders will share copies. Organizations share with new employees as part of their blueprint for successful leadership. Or join the companies that have added The Leadership Tinderbox to their global book club so that at the end of the session, each participant will have developed and articulated their brand statement. Join the wave of readers learning from the Leadership Tinderbox.



The Leadership Tinderbox: Seven Legendary Leadership Secrets

The Seven Secrets GUARANTEED to Get Your Team to REALLY Perform, Today, Right NOW!  

  • Why today's landscape is such a critical factor in leading successfully and what to do about it.
  • The number one action a leader can take to truly build a productive team.
  • The number one characteristic that separates the great leaders from all others.

The Noble Agent: Insider Secrets to Highly Successful Real Estate Sales

If you are in real estate, this one of for you. This is the result of interviewing successful real estate agents, managing brokers, and real estate professionals.

  • It is all about relationships. The pros manage them all successfully.
  • The successful sphere of influence how to keep it flowing.
  • The most  successful real estate agents know that it takes a team to sell a house. Here are the keys to building your team to build your business.

Insider Secrets to Building Highly Successful Customer Relationships

This humorous keynote will open companies eyes to the ridiculousness of some of organization practices that drive customers away screaming at the top of their lungs and then post it all over social media.

  • Why "best practices" irritate customers.
  • Make sure the AI brain is programmed with people thinking about the customer.
  • "You are kidding me, right?" And other stories that make customers insane and cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.

How to Order the Leadership Tinderbox

The Leadership Tinderbox is available on Amazon! 

Learn what the experts identify as critical for GREAT leadership!


Barbara on Leadership

Recently Barbara was interviewed on the topic of leadership. She discussed what it means to be a leader, the definition of the leadership platform and why everyone need to have leadership capabilities. 


Hogan Assessments certified, Barbara  provides insight using the Hogan assessment to identify and demonstrate the impact of personality on organizational success. Hogan Assessments will reveal how you are seen by others, clarity of leadership style, what may cause you to derail, and factors that motivate you in work and life. 

Learn more about Hogan Assessments here

BArbara discusses leadership challenges

Barbara was asked what responsibility leaders hold for their own behavior and that of their organization. Leaders have a need to guard their words and actions as well as develop the culture of the organization by having clarity, setting boundaries and defining expectations.

Barbara brings excellence backed with deep experience


Keynote Speaker

Inspiring messages to engage, educate, energize, and focus.  Sought after professional speaker with over 20 years of presenting at conferences, organization, and departmental meetings.*



Development remains at the top of the desired list for all. Having developed and facilitated workshops for all levels of leadership with pragmatic and targeted growth as the goal, creating a learning environment with powerful outcomes is something I know well.  A purposeful workshop, lunch-n-learn, or expanded department meeting with laser-focused topics are effective solutions for providing learning.


Your Coach

Development begins with understanding the place where one is today, developing a plan and having support as the plan unfolds. Letting the wind blow you where it may in career decisions results in unfulfilled dreams, wondering what happened and the search for purpose.  

TalentX7 Assessment

Learning Agility has a strong relationship to leadership success.  Consider the potential, performance, and take on more challenging roles when placing leaders in new roles. Assess before you place.  Make sure you put the right leader in the role and create the success plan before they stumble.

Learn More About TalentX7

Testimonials are Powerful


 ...Sure, on paper the workshop looked good, but no one attending expected much to change. After all, we communicate every day. What was there to learn? Except Barbara, who simply waited for feedback, and the boss who was still hoping for something, anything to change from a 90-minute lunch workshop. They didn’t have to wait long.

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What People are saying

Read the Leadership Tinder Box and you will become the leader you were created to be.

 Barbara Wichman's book, The Leadership Tinderbox: Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success, will not only guide you but will also spark the leader in you! Barb's amazing storytelling style is an engaging and compelling narrative weaving both personal stories and those from successful leaders from all walks of life. From beginning to end, you will be entertained, inspired and may even shed a tear or two for leaders who got it wrong and the lives that were impacted by their actions.

What traits do good leaders possess and how can you acquire them?

  A national speaker, leadership coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Wichman has built her career inspiring others. I think "The Leadership Tinderbox" will do the same for you.  

 Barbara Wichman’s book, "The Leadership Tinderbox: Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success," offers some answers to these questions, along with ideas to implement them that are applicable to everyone’s careers. Wichman interviewed a variety of human resource professionals to gain insight into how successful leaders act, speak, and run their companies. 

Barbara Wichman - The Speaker

"Every example you shared resonated with me. Your stories captured my attention, and then you gave me ideas on what to do next. 

I know what I need to do to be a better leader.

I loved every minute of it."

Impact is what matters

"Do you want to be the best communicator in the room? Whether you are trying to move up the corporate ladder, be a better team leader, land that new job or just want to improve your group or one-on-one communication skills, I highly recommend Barbara Wichman. Good communication skills are now essential to personal and corporate success. Barbara can help you or your team achieve success by understanding the neuroscience behind effective communication. She will help you understand your organizational or personal blind spots and how others perceive you through communication. She helped me gain the skills and confidence to bust that glass ceiling." 

Margaret Jalili - Attorney

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