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We provide organization and leadership development consulting specializing in creating cultures, teams, and systemic processes that drive current and future success. Our services include identifying and developing those who will fill the most critical roles to ensure sustainable change and strategic goal achievement.

Because of her stellar reputation in the community, we originally hired Barbara for her expertise as an Executive Coach for a staff member in our non-profit clinic. Soon Barbara’s consultative discovery process uncovered more complex issues within the organization. Barbara worked extensively with our Executive Team, building trust, and engaging them in the process of organizational structure realignment and improved communication processes. She has taken our team from dysfunctional to thriving by her incredible intuitiveness, professionalism, and passion. Because of Barbara’s ongoing commitment, we are well positioned for the future.
Kelly R.
Board President
"I love Barbara’s style and insight. She presents a great combination of science, research, life experience (stories), and insight to open your thinking."
Kim Sass

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STAGNATION. Evolution’s Silent Killer.

Leaders face a changing landscape that never stops throwing down new challenges. Leaders must lead today, assess the disruptive view of tomorrow while tempering the irrelevant lessons of yesterday that leadership teams hold as sacred.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

  –Michael Altshuler 


“The HAND is a thing and not just for the Game of Thrones followers. Barb has been the silent force in my development. I have been pushed and pulled in a process that first examined, and tested, my mindset and true feelings about where I currently am and identifying steps to my future success. Barb, your presence and work are way more than I imagined.”

-Roy Brown

Barbara is an amazing coach. She will push you out of your comfort zone and help you discover strengths you were unaware of. Her professionalism, intelligence, and exceptional ability to guide any person to success is the reason I highly recommend her!

-Jodi B

Barbara’s passion and genuine love for people is evident in her ability to transform each of us into the best versions of ourselves.

-Kimberly D

INSPIRE your people to change the course of history.


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