We are respected professionals who cut our teeth in the Fortune 50s. We hold deep experience in global, multi-layer organizations of all sizes representing many industries. We are comfortable with the complexities of corporate environments. We are growth-minded, innovative, and thrive on your success.

"Barbara's passion and genuine love for people is evident in her ability to transform each of us into the best versions of ourselves."
Kimberly D.

Focusing on leadership, we respectfully and collaboratively assess current leadership for capability and capacity for today and the future. We provide data and scenario discussions so you can effectively make the best decision on your leadership team, moving forward with full confidence that the right team is in place for today and tomorrow.

The Genius of Wisdom Leadership Alliance is our unique leadership development resource.

The Alliance houses our Intensives for High Potential Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders.
Both programs require an application process to ensure that participants are placed in the appropriate Intensive.

Our intensives are small cohort-based programs where participants experience interactive workshops, accelerated development, targeted coaching focusing on their specific development needs, virtual engagements, and guest lecturers with extensive industry experience. Each participant is assigned an accountability partner for the duration of the Intensive.

The Senior Leader Intensive is a six-month development program specifically designed for those leaders who have demonstrated their readiness to lead larger teams, take on more complex organizations, and have a proven record of success.

The Emerging Leader Intensive is for the young professional who has indicated their desire to have a significant impact as a leader and who has demonstrated a propensity toward leading others.

Intensives build capability, develop competency, and broaden capacity to take on more significant leadership roles. Upon leaving the Intensive program, the participant will have significantly evolved as leaders.

The developer and leader of these Leadership Intensives is none other than Barbara Wichman. She has spent 20 plus years focused on leadership development and, year after year held responsible for developing the highest potential of all leaders in her organizations. Her experience in global intensive programs, bringing together leaders worldwide to significantly advance their leadership capability, competency, and capacity, has successfully resulted in leaders reaching their goals.

The Genius of Wisdom® Leadership Model represents today’s leaders’ core competencies facing tomorrow’s challenges. It is the foundation of all our Alliance offerings.

These Intensives are not for the faint of heart or the casual leader. Intensives are a significant investment in leadership development. The results have proven to accelerate responsibilities, level of impact, and careers.

The Genius of Wisdom Leadership Alliance offers online course in leadership, career development, and career coaching.

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