WHy does it matter to you?

Engagement is down and the cost is in the billions. Can you afford this cost in your business?


 Pay attention.

  • 51% of the workforce define themselves as Not Engaged/Disconnected
  • 17.5% define themselves as Actively Disengaged

 Many have heard these statistics.  If they doesn't concern you, they should.  What could be accomplished if there was a 68% increase in engagement?  What about 20%?  It is time to take action.  Individually.  Organizationally.

Statistics from GALLUP News. The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, January 7, 2016

Leaders - you make a difference every day. People leave, and stay, because of leadership.


According to the "State of American Workforce" by GALLUP, only four in 10 U.S. employees strongly agree that their supervisor or someone at work seems to care about them as a person.  

People want to matter and belong.  It does not end when entering through a job door.  It is a basic human need. Great leaders understand this. Some are even great at it.  Based on the statistics, there is a great opportunity to support leaders, co-workers and organizations become better at treating employees as if they matter.  And do it with authenticity.

Statistics from GALLUP News. The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, January 7, 2016

A fundamental human need is to be valued, to belong, to matter. To contribute with meaning.


A higher percentage of employees feel as though they are not valued than those that do and there is a high level of disengagement.  Leaders need support to gain understanding of their employees and develop solutions.  Employees need support and understanding of how their actions impact their sphere of engagement.  Our knowledge, experience, and passion will assist in developing solutions to guide and accelerate the closing of these gaps. 

Statistics from GALLUP News. The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis, January 7, 2016

The Topics


Professional Speaker

"Your Leadership Platform"

"Stop Looking for Critics"

"Gratitude and Building Relationships"

"Surviving Honest Communication"

"With Warmest Regards"


Professional Facilitator

"Communication Inspired Relationships"

"Feedback: Giving and Receiving"

"Leadership Series"

"Human Resources Professional Development Series"

"Change and Everyone" 


Your Coach

Experienced coach for leaders, high performers and for those trying to figure it all out.  I am in it for your success.

"The phrase, 'If they just do it the way we always have done it...' is mind-numbing to everyone except the one who says it. We are in a time where individuals are, more than ever before, looking to be recognized for their gifts and their contributions to be utilized for personal and professional success."


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