THE LEADERSHIP TINDErbox! it's here!

About The Leadership Tinderbox - Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success


One sunny day, as I was sitting out on my patio working on another book, that challenge came back to me in full force with this thought, “I wonder how HR professionals see leaders?” I could see my mentor sitting across the table from me saying, “You should write a book from an HR perspective.” That sunny day on the patio, I decided to take on the challenge. 

This book is not theoretical. 

This book is not fictional. 

The Leadership Tinderbox shares real-life stories and lessons on leadership through the eyes of human resource (HR) professionals. The very function of the HR role provides a multifaceted perspective on leaders. HR holds a more multi-directional lens on leaders than anyone else in the organization. They receive input on the leader from employees, managers, leaders, other HR professionals, clients, consultants, assessments, feedback tools, performance management, succession processes, and from the leaders themselves. HR sees all. That is the value of looking at leadership through the eyes of HR. They have a perspective on leaders that is robust and incredibly significant.


Patterns emerged that HR leaders have seen over time, in different industries, different functions, all leadership levels. There were patterns of success and patterns of failure.