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About The Leadership Tinderbox - Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success

This book is not theoretical. 

This book is not fictional. 

The Leadership Tinderbox shares real-life stories and lessons on leadership through the eyes of human resource (HR) professionals. The very function of the HR role provides a multifaceted perspective on leaders. HR holds a more multi-directional lens on leaders than anyone else in the organization. They receive input on the leader from employees, managers, leaders, other HR professionals, clients, consultants, assessments, feedback tools, performance management, succession processes, and from the leaders themselves. HR sees all. That is the value of looking at leadership through the eyes of HR. They have a perspective on leaders that is robust and incredibly significant.


Patterns emerged that HR leaders have seen over time, in different industries, different functions, all leadership levels. There were patterns of success and patterns of failure. 

What they are saying about The Leadership Tinderbox - Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success

 Barbara Wichman’s book, "The Leadership Tinderbox: Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success," offers some answers to these questions, along with ideas to implement them that are applicable to everyone’s careers. Wichman interviewed a variety of human resource professionals to gain insight into how successful leaders act, speak, and run their companies.

She illustrates her points with carefully chosen anecdotes and handy items to mull over at the end of each chapter. Of the many helpful points made in the book, this one struck a chord with me.

“As a leader, gratification now comes from servicing others. Creating an environment for team success is now the essential role.”

It’s not just what you’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish, it’s about your team and how highly they function. Smart leaders put their egos aside and foster a healthy environment in which their employees can flourish. 

 Barbara Wichman's book, The Leadership Tinderbox: Coaching to Kindle the Passion for Success, will not only guide you but will also spark the leader in you! Barb's amazing storytelling style is an engaging and compelling narrative weaving both personal stories and those from successful leaders from all walks of life. From beginning to end, you will be entertained, inspired and may even shed a tear or two for leaders who got it wrong and the lives that were impacted by their actions.

Read the Leadership Tinder Box and you will become the leader you were created to be.