The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

Interviewing over 100 successful CEOs provides a very strong foundation for what create leaders who positively influence business and employees every day. In this powerful keynote you will discover the seven secrets to successful leadership and how legendary leaders create change at all levels of the organization and become industry disruptors:

  • What legendary leadership looks like to each individual and why it matters to your success, and theirs
  • How the power and impact of focusing on every person in your organization, no matter where they sit in the world, on the absolute vision of success, will create the winning platform
  • Avoid excuses and pompous flattery that derails you from success, instead finding the path to feedback and input that is based in truth, reality, and backed with data through stories and spreadsheets
  • Stay focused while the whirl of change is there to distract you on a daily basis.


The Leadership Tinderbox – Kindling the Passion for Success

Leaders are investing their life’s work during a time when the landscape and the employee population are more complicated than ever before. The complexity and frustration of leading today can be untangled with an intentional mindset and specific actions. 

  • Get a handle on those in your workforce today. Stop getting pissed off and start using their skills – even when you don’t get it.
  • Your own biases are so ingrained in your head, you don’t even know when they are at work. Step out of your head and look at yourself through the lens of those around you. Top being defiant and open to what the messages and view are telling you. 
  • Stop thinking you got it all figured out because you are in it every day – why do people have coaches – to help you see you don’t have it every day.
  • Take accountability for your impact.  

The Magic of Mindfulness: How to lead brilliantly and live a life you love

You will find the focus to create personal and professional excellence and more joy in your life

  • In this exciting interactive program, you will discover: How to Live your dreams every day
  • The secrets to enrolling and engaging others
  • 90 – seconds to instant confidence

Five Benefits of Barbara at your next event

  • Leaders willing to be BOLD
  • INSPIRING leaders to become a Legendary Leaders
  • Leaders taking the reins to drive DESTINY
  • UNIVERSAL appeal to global audiences