looking to upgrade your resume?

Rewire Your Resume


Is Your Job Boring? 

Are You Recently Displaced?

Are You (re)Entering the Workforce?

The first step is to revitalize your resume!

Your resume is critical to getting that interview. 

Rewire Your Resume offers online courses for you to create a resume that gets you noticed. Video-based instructions with supporting documents will guide you to developing a great resume!  Learn  the skills that will stay with you forever!

There are three course offered that address three specific needs


Time For a Change?

 Is it time to search for a new job that gets you excited to go to work every day again? If you have been in the workforce and looking for more challenge, more opportunity, more growth, this is your course. Your professional resume is the tool that helps you get that interview. 


Rewire You Resume for the Finely aged


Over fifty and concerned about "ageism" when looking for a new position? Stop making common mistakes. Stand out with a great resume that gets noticed!


Rewire Your Resume for Workforce (Re)Entry

 Are ready to get back to work and think you have no experience to create a resume? You have much to offer an employer! Discover how to showcase your experience and skills!  

Coaching Services

Looking for more guidance?

Personalized coaching to rewire your resume and prepare for your interview. Two 50 minutes one-on-one consultations to provide expert analysis and provide feedback on your resume.  One 60 minute session to prepare for the interview. Email access for 14 days. And an added benefit, feedback on your LinkedIn profile.

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Barbara is an enthusiastic expert in the field of organization and talent development. With 20+ years of holding senior leadership roles in the world of corporate, she has reviewed and discussed thousands of resumes. Barbara also spent those years writing, upgrading and rewiring hundreds of resumes for friends, colleagues, and family. From executives to entry-level, from those displaced to those (re)entering the workforce - she has coached them all! She knows what gets a resume in the YES stack and how they end up in the NO pile. Grab a pen and get started on rewiring your resume with an expert in the lead and a process of self-discovery!

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