The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

In today’s environment being good or average is no longer good enough. Leaders need to be brilliant to succeed. 

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A collection of stories and laser focus points on what makes leaders successful – as seen from the human resource leader professional lens.  The human resources professional sees and hears more than just about anyone in an organization. Hiring? Rest assured HR is involved in the development of the job description, selection, and onboarding. Leaders have problems, they reach out to HR. Leaders need coaching. HR is coaching them. Employees have problems with leaders, fellow employees, or the culture – HR is engaged. Promotions, reprimands, developmental moves, performance improvement, investigations, terminations, HR is in the middle of it all. Those experiences bring incredible insight and open lens to those who want to be leaders, are new to leadership, and anyone who is currently in a leadership position. Interviewing over 30 HR leaders from numerous industries, global experience, and years of experience, Barbara takes their enlightened view of leadership and shares it with you.

You will find 10 principles of leadership that emerged from the collective interviews. Barbara brilliantly shares the principles, the stories to explore the impact of each principle, and the behaviors leaders need to consider becoming those that others want to follow.


The Leadership Tinderbox – Insights into the Brilliant Women of STEM

The pipeline that flows those interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is primarily filled with men. However, women, are not only brilliant in all these areas, they are contributing at numerous levels like never before, we just need more of them to enter and remain in the pipeline. There are more open jobs in STEM fields than ever before. Uncover what women chemists, biologists, medical experts, technology leaders and more, shared about their lives as children, their experiences throughout their education career, and what life is like now that they are working are in the important world of STEM. This is a critical read for parents, educators and employers as we prepare more girls and women for their role in STEM. 


What they are saying about the Leadership Tinderbox

“We have the opportunity and responsibility to influence and inspire young women in our lives. Barbara’s book is a wonderful guide to how impactful we can be to shape the future of the female role in STEM careers.” 

-Jean Maday 

 Director, Commercial Development & Service, real estate

An insightful look into the brilliant women of STEM. You will be inspired to succeed, and you will want to give this book to every woman and girl you know! 

-Sarah Victory  

International Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Encouraging and Inspiring! Women in STEM highlights the very essence of the perceived obstacles women still endure to this day, as it relates to value recognition. Women in STEM beautifully emphasizes that women are not bound by what they may pursue and ultimately contribute to the world. 

-Deirdre A. McClarin

Best Selling Author, Speaker, & Chief Executive Optimist

This book is all about Women in STEM roles: how they begin (or don’t), how they develop (or don’t) and how they ultimately succeed, thanks to overcoming obstacles, flowering with encouragement and, in the end, believing in themselves. Paradoxically, the book is less about disciplined, scientific pursuit per se, instead using the ancient method of storytelling to make its point. Important reading for young women and those who help shape their lives.  Lively, engaging words of wisdom.

-Steve Kirn

Organization and Human Resource Consultant

How little has changed in the work place since I came

of age in the 50’s.  As a librarian, Barbara Wichman’s

important book would have had a place in my collection.

She gives a voice to some brave and brilliant women in


 -Joann Bacon.  Retired Librarian

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The Secrets of Legendary Leaders.

The Leadership Tinderbox – The Spark Series.

The Spark series offers targeted topics on a variety of topics. 

Perfect for use with teams, workshops, and development opportunities. The topics vary. The wealth of information contained in each of these books will contribute to the significant growth and impact of leaders, employees, and those looking to grow their careers contributing at much higher levels.




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