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Outplacement services help to make the transition experience more positive for employees by shifting their focus on using their skills in future job opportunities. Providing outplacement services with skilled and caring advisors who focus on accelerating the process, enable impacted employees to regain their confidence, focus on the future, and create three important benefits for the employer:

  • It provides an empathetic and compassionate bridge for those affected by layoffs.
  • Positively impacts internal culture and how remaining employees perceive the organizations’ care for fellow employees.
  • Providing services reinforces a positive public relations brand image for the organization.

The team at BW Outplacement Services is led by an experienced Human Resources professional who has held many leadership roles within Human Resources in multi-national organizations. Barbara Wichman has been providing organization consult and process planning for RIFs, coached organizations and leaders through previous economic downturns, and has successfully delivered career counseling services for over 20 years.


BW Outplacement Services has a team of professionals with business and human resource expertise, ready to provide their guidance and experience to help each of our clients move forward, developing skills and confidence as they walk through each step of the transition journey.

BW Outplacement Services can support the transition of employees from many different industries, with a deep experience in the following:

  • Retail corporate and field roles
  • CPG corporate and manufacturing
  • Technology and tech infrastructure
  • Plant leadership and staff
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources and related disciplines
  • Real Estate leadership
  • Entry management, mid-level, and senior leadership
    Supply Chain


“Barbara sizes you up instantly, but doesn't judge a book by the muddy water she finds it in.  She knew I was outgoing and mindful as a person, but at the time I dreaded meeting with anyone.  My confidence was shot. So, she started there.   I told her my situation and about 3 mins into my story she said, "What I like to do is get my clients moving as soon as possible."  At this point I'm checking the camera (that is not plugged in) thinking, Does she know I'm still in a robe at 2pm with Oreos stuck to the front lapel? I have met people who are as driven as she is, but not the wonderful balance of caring, firm, and knowledgeable. I don't know what you need. But even if you are not looking for a change, call Barb and get 15 mins.  Everyone could use a "Glenda" guiding them to the yellow brick road.”
Chris B

BW Outplacement Packages At-A-Glance


Essential Plus

Essential Supreme

Job Search Fundamentals

Resume Development

Cover Letter Template

Thank You Note Template

LinkedIn Profile Development

Individual Coaching

Interview Coaching

Online Group with Resources

Professional Brand Development

One Additional Coaching Session

Three Additional Coaching Sessions

Hogan Assessment

Each of the three tiers provides an accelerated approach to transition activities. Our philosophy is that the client, with a swift redirection to a future focus, will have a more positive and successful transition. We know that when a separation occurs, even if the situation is not a direct result of the employee’s performance, confidence suffers.
We work closely with our clients to provide a focused and supportive experience so they can maintain a positive life outlook while taking on the work of job search and all its related activities.


The Essential

Package provides the fundamentals necessary for any employee to successfully jump into their job search process. With a professional resume, an upgraded online presence, and practice interviewing, your employee experiences accelerated momentum in their day-to-day job search activities. With 45 days of focused support and an additional on-going membership to an online group providing additional resources and a supportive community, the employee will have the resources necessary to move forward.

The Essential Plus

Provides all the benefits of the Essential package and includes an additional coaching session along with a professional brand development process. The professional brand statement is a crucial part of being able to confidently articulate what value the employee brings from a professional, technical, and leadership lens. 


The Essential Supreme

Package includes everything from the Essential and Essential Plus packages, along with three additional coaching sessions. The Supreme package also provides a Hogan Assessment so the employee can identify key areas of strength as well as a development plan so they can excel in their next role. This comprehensive package is the one that not only provides intensive support but also provides an additional level of care for the transitioning employee as you provide an additional investment in their professional development.


If you are an individual who has experienced job loss due to the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic, you are eligible for our $299 quick-start package that includes resume development plus coaching to get you prepared for your job search.

Included in the impacted package is:

  • Resume Development (two revisions)
  • LinkedIn Profile Review and Coaching (one session)
  • Option to join Private Online Support Group with additional resources
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