"Barbara's passion and genuine love for people is evident in her ability to transform each of us into the best versions of ourselves."
Kimberly D.

Leadership is a state of being a leader. It is not a destination. It is not a title. It is a combination of mindset, competence, tolerance, and strategic thought.

The Institute for Leadership Master Coaching

In addition to the experience and expertise of Barbara and visiting session leaders, master group coaching provides the community and connection that is essential for continual support and inspiration for progressive development. Significantly higher levels of success are achieved from interacting with the group leaders as well as with group members who have similar levels of drive and determination.

Group Coaching Principles:

  • Each member has individual goals yet realizes the power of accountability and the motivating support of the group towards each member. 
  • The Focused is on developing YOU as a leader.
  • Accountability is essential for success.
  • Participation is fundamental to growth.
“Barbara is an amazing coach. She will push you out o your comfort zone and help you discover strengths you were unaware of. Her professionalism, intelligence, and exceptional ability to guide any person to success is the reason highly recommend her!”
Jodi B.

These are the unique benefits you will receive by participating in The Institute for Leadership Master Coaching Program

You will experience:

  • Progressive development and action steps towards your success.    
  • You will interact with a program leader and visiting experts with noteworthy success in developing business and community leaders, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs. Your leaders are experienced business leaders and professional coaches.
  • Goal setting and ‘goal watch’ with check-ins and accountability discussions.
  • Knowledge sharing, interactive discussions, developmental assignments, videos, and access to all materials while in the Legendary Leadership Group Coaching session.
  • Five individual coaching sessions so that you can go deeper in a private setting.
  • RESULTS: You will become a more effective and influential leader, with significant movement and momentum towards your personal and professional goals.
  • Discount for the first three months of your subscription to The Institute for Leadership Development Subscription program.

Leaders don’t get followers. Leaders develop a following based on their ability to inspire a belief in the future, clearly articulate purpose and intention, willingness to be continuous learners, and a keen curiosity about how to win. Followers want to be led by those who know how to win.

The Institute for Leadership Master Coaching Program session begins on April 16, 2020.

Click here to receive an application to The Legendary Leadership Group Coaching session.

What you need to know:

  • All program applicants are required to successfully complete an application form and interview prior to acceptance into the master coaching program.
  • The program is six-month commitment
  • The group will not exceed seven participants to provide a meaningful interactive experience
  • Group will meet two times per month during a set time so you can schedule it in your calendar
  • Coaching sessions will be recorded for future viewing sessions (only available while in the six-month group coaching session)
  • Participant agreements provided to ensure clear expectations for leaders and participants.

The cost of this incredible developmental experience is $9995.00

Click here for more information, to request an application, and for early bird registration discount information.

Prefer the opportunity to view all the materials and videos at your leisure, when you need them?

The Institute for Leadership Development Subscription

There are powerful benefits to being a part of a continuous learning community where the leaders and the participants are focused on the same outcome: advancing success, leading brilliantly, and living a life that you design and love – maximizing the value you receive!
The Institute for Leadership Development Subscription is for you if you want to be a part of a standing, interactive, facilitated community that offers you the freedom to self-manage your learning and growth. Add the benefit of online and interactive learning sessions, along with Q&A with leading experts and experienced coaches that understand what it takes to succeed in the current business and community environments.

What do you get for your investment? 

  • Group networking and support in a closed group.
  • Live 30-minute video learning with Barbara Wichman plus guest speakers offered twice a month. 
  • Pop-up and scheduled Q&A sessions only available the closed group twice per month.
  • Video and podcast interviews will be available in The Institute for Leadership Development Subscription first before the general public has access. 
  • All live event recordings, Q&A sessions, videos, and audio recordings are available to members 24/7. 
  • Currents news and updates on trends, topics, and current leadership themes impacting and impacted by the ever-changing landscape in which you lead.

Think of the benefits of seeing other members’ questions, ideas, and sharing, and all are bringing a broad and in-depth perspective on leading in different sized teams, organizations, industries, and community settings!

The investment for all of this is $399 per month. 

Click here for more information on how to sign up for participation in the Institute for Leadership Development Subscription program.

Barbara’s experience is deep within Fortune 50 companies. She is a widely recognized organization and leadership development expert with unparalleled global experience. Coupled with her advanced degrees, experience during intense growth, downsizing, and turbulent times she is at the forefront of developing leaders with impact, executive coaching, building corporate leadership programs, and developing executives to take on significant roles with a broader scope in business and geography.

Barbara has experience in leadership identification and augmenting senior leadership impact for companies on accelerated growth trajectories. 

Experience trumps all when it comes to developing trust with your peers, team, and organization. Barbara is continually called upon to transform leaders in achieving their highest potential, build their confidence and capabilities to lead their leadership teams, and open the doors to extraordinary levels of success.

Benefits of Barbara’s Expertise


Elevate EXECUTIVE Leadership Effectiveness
Transparent awareness of how the executive is performing is essential for the executive to understand how his/her decisions, actions, and words impact everything in the organization. Self-awareness of how the executives perceived by their leaders, peers, employees, and clients enables the leader to make decisions that drive the business forward, communicate strategically while avoiding the pitfalls of poor communication messaging, and fully engage organization support by earning the respect of the employees, peers, and governing boards.

Create a Winning CULTURE where Success is the Norm 
Attracting, retaining, and engaging talent is a daily battle. With 67% of the workforce disengaged, companies are facing a daily challenge of winning against the competition. Employees leave leaders, not companies. Executives set the tone and experience for the culture but often are misguided by their perceptions of how the work environment impacts employees daily. Learning to identify cultural markers, close productivity gaps, and improve engagement is essential for an executive who desires to win the talent battle in today’s complex environment.

Increase PERSONAL Productivity, Every Day
Executives have a lot on their plate and daily distractions are constant. Business requirements, competitive landscape changes, talent needs, personal lives, and the desire to be accessible to all takes its toll on the leader. Building self-awareness of why, when and how these distractions are most detrimental, source the greatest level of distraction, and develop strategies to mitigate the distraction immediately gives hours back to the executive so they can focus on the highest priority strategies.

Elevate TEAM Contributions and Effectiveness
Teams are essential to business success. Diverse viewpoints developed from life experiences, work and service exposure, are the cornerstone to making decisions that not only make the company better now, but also have the impact of avoiding potential problems in the future. Organizing as teams. Working as teams, and celebrating together, drives the loyalty and success that makes employees want to contribute greater than their job description – increasing discretionary efforts. Learn to delegate effectively so all employees contribute at the highest levels.

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