Over the span of my career, I have been been a successful leader in Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies. I have had the incredible opportunity to develop cultures and coach leaders in startups, acquisitions, high growth, and intensely innovative companies.  I built organization and leadership development platforms that have supported thousands in their personal and professional growth.

I have seen leaders succeed, stumble, fail and through it all, I see the passion that each one of them has had in their quest to successfully lead others. I fully comprehend the accelerated success and the turnarounds those leaders have made with focused development on critical areas, enhancing their ability to achieve higher levels of personal and professional success. Their is power and privilege in leading others. Their ability to communicate, build relationships, and garner followers if for no other reason than out of pure curiosity, is not always understood by them or leveraged daily. 

The ability of leaders to manage, make decisions, and gain trust has roots in their values and integrity. 

Leaders have goals and dreams. Individual contributors have goals and dreams. They all matter.

Experienced with 20 years of leadership in corporate America leading teams, culture initiatives, coaching, training, inspiring, influencing and doing things other said could never be done. Challenging the commonly accepted.  Successfully.

And with all my success in developing others to realize their success, it was clear that my work, my purpose, was bigger than any four walls that existed around me in my "job".  It was bigger than any experience or success I could write on a resume.

Professional Speaker. Professional Facilitator. Coach

Thought leader.

Focused on Growth: Personal + Professional + Organizational

Practitioner and Leadership Experience

Barbara has developed and facilitated hundreds of programs for thousands of people around the globe. 

She is a sought out professional speaker at industry, organization and professional conferences. Leading global change, strategy and development teams to promote growth and positive momentum has provided a rich ground of experience for real-life learning and thought leadership to draw upon. 


Barbara has over 20 years of deep global practitioner experience, leading talent and organizational development teams, change projects and strategic projects.

"One thing is clear, change and development at any level and on any scale require that individuals make growth a priority in order for success to become a reality. Each individual matters. Engaging the heart and mind matters. Creating space for others to gain experience and learn matters. How we speak to ourselves matters. How each of us engages with one another, it all matters."  

Believe in yourself.

Believe in others.

Saying it is easier than doing it.

That can change. believe in the future. Take the step.

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